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Know about various types of drones: buy according to the type you need

The purposes are like uncountable when we talk about drones, be it surveillance, be it video blogging or for any other purposes. You just can detect your need and find a suitable drone with affordable price for you. The varied uses like in media coverage, security, filmmaking, and video blogging, documentary-making and any other experimental or possible use makes it a demanding product in market. Before buying, it is necessary to understand what exactly you want to do with it. There are various types of drones categorized as their size. Another differentiation is through whether they are used as military or high security setup or a handy simple-using gadget by anyone. There are further variant of types and brands like Blade inductrix FPV or Nano QX FPV and alike, you get from any reputed commercial website.


Types of Drones

There is varied number of drones for different purposes according which its accessories are accompanied like transmitters like Taranis X9D Transmitter, receiver like Serial receiver EU etc.

  1. Very Small drones: very small drones are literally very small like ranges from a insect to around 45cm. There are two forms here – Nano/micro drones and mini drones.
  2. Medium Drones: There a quite large in size and heavy in mass as compared to very small ones. They can carry weight around 200kgs.
  3. Big Drones: They have high scale use in surveillance and security by military and are very large size almost like small aircraft.

Although, there is another classification of drones which are technically more suitable but not very popular as it depends on the technical feature of drones which is its range. There are types: very close range drones which used in toys, close range drones used for spying, mid range drones used for collection of data and endurance drones which are used or high scale surveillance.


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