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6 Common Mistakes Your Executive Resume Writer Can Help Address

You’ve achieved a lot in your career, yet you still struggle to get the desired reaction to your resume. Read on for six errors that can lead to a lackluster response from recruiters. A professional Executive Resume Writer can help you create a resume free of these all-too-common mistakes and get the attention you deserve.

1. Not Providing Numbers to Back up Your Achievements

The easiest way to show that you are the perfect candidate for a position is to show proof of your achievements. Provide quantitative examples instead of just saying you achieved something. The best way to demonstrate your value is to back up your achievements with numbers, and an experienced Executive Resume Writer can help you address this point effectively.

Provide numbers for your major achievements. Examples:

  • You increased sales 30% year on year.
  • You increased your team’s productivity by 10%.
  • You helped the company save $50 million.

Whatever your achievements, a professional resume writer will ensure that your claims are backed by facts and figures. Hard data is simply the most important element of an effectively written resume, so it’s surprising how many executives never mention figures. An Executive Resume Writer can help you get specific.

As a leader, you’re expected to deliver. The only way for recruiters and potential employers to learn about your abilities is to look at the numbers. Facts and figures are much more powerful than beautiful words when explaining what you achieved. The right Executive Resume Writer can help you avoid this mistake.


2. Failing to be Category Focused

Many managers have multitude of experience but fail to pinpoint their specialization to their potential employers. This is a common mistake that can cost you lucrative positions. Remember that recruiters are most often category focused. Don’t make the mistake of trying to convey that you are good at many different things. An experienced Executive Resume Writer can help you highlight the areas where your achievements have made a major impact. You can elaborate on your other achievements during the interview.

3. Outdated Formatting

It’s surprising that many executives continue to use the same old resume format they were using years ago. If your resume has an outdated format, a recruiter will most likely skip it. A specialist Executive Resume Writer can help address this problem. Experienced resume writers remain up to date with the latest methods in the recruiting industry. They also know which formats work best for each industry, thus helping give your resume the professional look you need to get attention.

4. Forgetting the Sales Pitch

Executives often fail to include a sales pitch in their resume, which is surprising, since you don’t expect the biggest achievers to sound too modest. It’s important to realize that a resume is your ‘marketing’ document, and that it should help sell you. Most people don’t know how to do this effectively, which is where professional resume writers can help.

Part of this mistake is that people — even big-time executives — don’t know how to promote their personal brand. An Executive Resume Writer can help differentiate you from others and bring an otherwise simple document to life, illuminating your strengths in the process.

5. Sharing Confidential Information

Being disloyal to a previous employer and sharing private information about a company is a big mistake that almost all recruiters will take seriously. Many professionals fail to adhere to the confidentiality policy they signed with their current or previous employers and unthinkingly give away key information. If you’re doing this, it could be why your resume isn’t getting a response. The content of your marketing document should inspire trust in a recruiter.

6. Repetitive Job Descriptions

Someone with a lot of experience in a particular type of position can find it hard to avoid using the same words over and over again. Using similar job descriptions throughout a resume can sound boring to a recruiter, a common mistake that subverts your effort to draw attention and interest. Use the right action verbs to attract and hold a reader’s attention. An Executive Resume Writer will use the right key words to describe your professional experience and help address this problem.

If you find that you’re not getting the response you’d like or that no one is giving a shot at your desired position despite repeated attempts, you should seek the help of an accomplished Executive Resume Writer.


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